State Street Snacks


State Street Caramel Popcorn gives you a taste of the 1893 World Fair. The immensely popular fair drew more than 27 million visitors; it is estimated that more than 25% of the United States population attended. Over six months, the Fair entertained and educated millions with 65,000 exhibits. Throughout the 633 acres of fairgrounds, hundreds of concessionaires sold foods that would become American favorites- hamburgers, carbonated soda and caramel corn.

State Street Caramel Popcorn's rich caramel formula is based on the original recipe first produced in 1893 on State Street in Chicago for the World's Fair. While others have succumbed to sacrificing flavor for lower production costs, we have continued to create this product with hand-crafted precision. Our kettle-cooked coating consists of an ALL NATURAL blend of real butter, rich molasses, thick corn syrup and a few other old timey recipe secrets.

We would like every one of our customers to enjoy a piece of the old time when they eat our caramel corn. That's why we have continued using the old time formula that was made famous on the street of Chicago. Within our kettles, we have fully captured the old popcorn wagon flavor once only found sold by Chicago's famous vendors. Taste it and see why it has become a national favorite.